Download Barrister

The Barrister parser, which converts the IDL file into JSON/HTML is written in Python. Regardless of what language you write your clients/servers in, you'll probably want to install this package so you can translate your .idl files. Once you have the .json file for your IDL, you can copy that around into any server projects that implement it. Your client and server programs only need the language binding for the language they're written in.

Python ships with an easy_install utility that knows about the main Python Package Index. Unfortunately it doesn't know how to do things like uninstall, so we encourage using pip.

To install pip, run: easy_install pip

Then: pip install --pre barrister

At that point you should be able to run: barrister -h

Language Bindings

The GitHub project for each language includes more detailed information on how to write clients and servers using the binding.

Language GitHub Quick Install Notes
Python barrister pip install --pre barrister Includes core barrister CLI plus Python client/server bindings
Ruby barrister-ruby gem install barrister Ruby client/server bindings
Java barrister-java See GitHub - Available via Maven Java client/server bindings + code generator
Javascript / Node.js barrister-js npm install barrister Node.js client/server bindings. Web browser client only.
PHP barrister-php curl -L -o barrister.php PHP client/server bindings